freebsd problems.

Vance Lankhaar vance at
Fri Jun 24 02:09:37 GMT 2005

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On Thu, 2005-23-06 at 08:18 -0400, Michael Johnson wrote:
> Hey Vance,
>      I was looking at and I notice a few freebsd  
> problems,
> For example
> I have gdbm installed but it's in /usr/local, so if you add LDFLAGS=- 
> L/usr/local/lib and
> CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include to my aretnap.fns  thing it should work.
> could be installed if gmake was used instead of make.

Hi Micheal,

I'm not sure if those would be the right fixes. For the second problem,
not being able to make talloc.3, I think we should read that as a
problem with the Makefile. We certainly shouldn't be relying on gmake.

As for detecting gdbm, I don't know on that one either. I would have
thought that the configure script would have the smarts to
check /usr/local for libraries. 

Maybe someone who knows more about the tdb's and talloc's build system
could comment?

Vance Lankhaar
Samba Team
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