samba 4: a new configuration system?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jun 23 05:45:03 GMT 2005

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Tim Potter schrieb:
> On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 21:55 -0700, Raymond Lillard wrote:
>>>I don't think that issue has been resolved yet but I am guessing that if
>>>the configuration file format is changed it will involved ldb somehow.
>>I hope not.  I realize I am "old school", and I fully realize
>>I am NOT a decision maker here, but dammit what's so bloody
>>wrong about flat text files that can be modified with "vi" or
>>*emacs*?  We don't need to turn Samba in *)&$^%& windows.
> Sure - I understand your arguments here.  I was just pointing out that
> last time this topic was discussed I remember that ldb was one of the
> contenders.

yep, the latest idea of mine was something like

having :

share db = ldb://share.ldb

but it will also support

share db = file:///share.conf

and also shares in smb.conf

(maybe we can just use "include = ldb://share.ldb")

the main problem I see with a text based config is that we need to kepp
an in memory copy of the parameters, need to manually resync this cache when
the text file has changed. and things like adding delete and mofify shares,
from smbd itself is not so easy. It's very hard to keep the structure of the file
and the comments on it when you change any parameter for a share via RPC calls.

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