samba 4: a new configuration system?

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Jun 23 05:22:12 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 21:55 -0700, Raymond Lillard wrote:

> > I don't think that issue has been resolved yet but I am guessing that if
> > the configuration file format is changed it will involved ldb somehow.
> I hope not.  I realize I am "old school", and I fully realize
> I am NOT a decision maker here, but dammit what's so bloody
> wrong about flat text files that can be modified with "vi" or
> *emacs*?  We don't need to turn Samba in *)&$^%& windows.

Sure - I understand your arguments here.  I was just pointing out that
last time this topic was discussed I remember that ldb was one of the

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