A small patch for C++ VFS modules.

Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 23 01:23:12 GMT 2005

  Attached is a small patch against samba-3.0.10 which I am using to be
able to compile samba VFS modules which are written in C++. If the
changes in the patch are acceptable I can go through the .c files and
make a real patch which propagates the changes in the header files from
the patch into the .c source files aswell.

The main changes are for the use of C++ keywords in function prototypes
and for naming "private" pointers in structs using the C++ private
keyword. I'll have to recheck what the error was for the smb_acls.h
change though that may become a ifdef C++ type solution for now.

On the out-of-interest side, the new C++ VFS module uses libferris
So you get funky stuff like mounting XML files as a samba share.

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