samba and utf-8-mac

Ihar Viarheichyk i.viarheichyk at
Mon Jun 20 15:03:41 GMT 2005

On 16.06.2005 15:48:49, Guglielmo wrote:
> Is there any way to get UTF-8-MAC support in samba? I have problems
> using osx samba cause it doesn't accept the colon ":" character using a
> samba server on linux.

I doubt this issue has any relation to UTF-8-MAC support. Colon character
belongs to first 127 characters of UTF-8 and does not require composition or
decomposition. I suspect Darwin mount_smbfs has additional handling of colon,
because it is not valid file name character in either Windows (volume letter
separator) or MacOS classic (path separator).

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