Bug #2581 in 3.0.14a ?

Heinrich Mislik Heinrich.Mislik at univie.ac.at
Mon Jun 20 12:58:43 GMT 2005


with 3.0.14a man smb.conf states:

          stat cache (G)
               This parameter specifies the maximum amount of memory 
(in kilobytes) smbd will use for the stat cache that speeds up case 
insensitive name mappings. If set to zero (the default) there is no 
limit. Change this if your smbd processes grow too large when 
servicing something like a back-up application.

               Default: stat cache = 0

This seems in response to bug #2581, but the name should be "max stat 
cache size" and the corresponding patch is not in 3.0.14a.
Slightly confusing.


Heinrich Misik

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