samba4 smbtorture and OS-targets

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Thu Jun 16 15:31:27 GMT 2005

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Guenther Deschner schrieb:
> Hi *,
> wouldn't it be nice to let the RPC-*  tests of smbtorture know what tests we
> expect to pass based on what the target platform is?
> I'm thinking of something like: "the target os is supposed to be one of the
> following:"
> 	NT4
> 	WIN2K
> 	WIN2K3
> (always based on the very latest Service Packs (or latest Samba3 version)).
> This would just require to have a table of "function should pass, function
> should pass with these info-levels" (based on the platform ids above) either
> inside the torture-tests or as an external list.
> To take an example: While working with LSARPC very recently and using the
> samba4-torture-suite to verify things for the samba3 world, it drove me nuts
> why lsa_query_trustdom_info_by_name wasn't working for nt4 until I realized
> (after reading the msdn-docs again and again) that it just does not exist in
> nt4 :). 
> I think this enhancement would allow to make samba4 smbtorture even more useful
> for the samba3 folks than it already does.

yep, that would be good,

and we also need to take care of the cases if the server is standalone, member, PDC or BDC

so it would be cool if we can autodetect this things.
any idea how to do this , srvsvc calls, wkssvc calls, dssetup calls...?

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