net rpc vampire performance

Don Watson dwwatson at
Thu Jun 16 08:27:11 GMT 2005


Attached is a patch to help improve vampire performance.  It works by writing 
the vampired information to a file in the form of ldap adds and mods.  Using 
the data in this file, ldif files can be created against which ldapadd and 
ldapmodify can be run to create the ldap database for the Samba PDC.

Using this technique, it is not necessary to pre-populate the ldap database 
with smbldap-populate.  The code takes care of the initial population.

The code is activated with the command "net rpc vampire ldif <output filename> 
-S <existing domain machine> -U <domain admin%domain passwd>".

Note that this code could be modified to create output in any desired format, 
such as XML.

Let me know what you think.
Don Watson
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