samba4 smbtorture and OS-targets

Guenther Deschner gd at
Thu Jun 16 13:41:13 GMT 2005

Hi *,

wouldn't it be nice to let the RPC-*  tests of smbtorture know what tests we
expect to pass based on what the target platform is?

I'm thinking of something like: "the target os is supposed to be one of the


(always based on the very latest Service Packs (or latest Samba3 version)).

This would just require to have a table of "function should pass, function
should pass with these info-levels" (based on the platform ids above) either
inside the torture-tests or as an external list.

To take an example: While working with LSARPC very recently and using the
samba4-torture-suite to verify things for the samba3 world, it drove me nuts
why lsa_query_trustdom_info_by_name wasn't working for nt4 until I realized
(after reading the msdn-docs again and again) that it just does not exist in
nt4 :). 

I think this enhancement would allow to make samba4 smbtorture even more useful
for the samba3 folks than it already does.

Do I talk rubbish?

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