samba_3_0 disabled in build farm

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Jun 15 23:23:01 GMT 2005


 > I'm trying tp reproduce it.  WHat's the trick for running
 > the torture tests like the build farm?  Is it over a pipe ?
 > or stdin or something ?

One of the major problems with the samba3 test system is you can't
just run 'make test' to run the test suite. So you can run individual
tests like this:

export LIBSMB_PROG=smbd

and then connect with smbtorture to any host, and it will run smbd
instead of creating a socket. This only simulates a small part of the
build farm test environment however.

I'm afraid that the timelimit code did not solve the samba_3_0 problem
on the farm, which means today we have hundreds of leftover processes
on build farm hosts again. That is a real bummer, as I spent a lot of
yesterday cleaning them up, and now have to go through the whole
process again.

So until this bug is found, I'm afraid samba3 will have to remain
disabled for testing in the build farm. It will still do build
testing, but won't run any of the test suites.

The fact that timelimit didn't help might mean that a child process is
somehow creating a new process group. I can't see how in the code, but
I also can't see how timelimit can fail to catch children that have
not changed process group.

The problem is happening on all types of hosts btw, not just the
unusual ones. Linux hosts are just as affected as the bsd varients.

Cheers, Tridge

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