[Samba 4] Failure to copy file w/ streams to an smbd on a fs with no stream support

Kaplan, Marc marc_kaplan at adaptec.com
Mon Jun 13 20:31:33 GMT 2005


I noticed this with nbench .sh files you gave me. They must have come
from a file system with stream support, as there was AFP related file
streams in them. I say this because I cannot copy them over CIFS to a
Samba 4 server when the file system has no stream support (and
posix:eadb = /blah.txt is not set). I looked at a network trace to
determine this. Then to verify, I tried to just create a new file from
Windows and I did echo "blah" > file.test:stream1, and saw the problem
with file.test also. 

There are four files attached to this e-mail:
1. ProblemCopyingNoEadb.ethereal.cap: Illustrates the problem.
2. NoProblemCopyingPosixEadb.ethereal.cap: No problem when using
3. WinFSWStreams_WinFSWNoStreams.ethereal.cap: This is a WinXP client
copying to a FAT filesystem (i.e. without stream support) over the
network. This should tell you the correct error to return that gives the
client a nice dialog box, as seen in attachment 4.
4. WinFSWStreams_WinFSWNoStreams.PNG: The dialog that the client gets
notifying the user that their streams will be dropped because the file
system doesn't support them.

Thanks for sending me a file with streams so I could find this :)


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