[Samba] change windows ADS passwords from linux box

Stefanos Karasavvidis sk at isc.tuc.gr
Fri Jun 10 09:49:21 GMT 2005

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Stefanos Karasavvidis wrote:
>>thanks Giuseppe, but I can't do that because I do not install separate
>>kerberos implementation (I use the samba packages from sernet, which
>>have kerberos statically built). So I do not have this utility, and I do
>>not want to install it.
> Would it be an option for you to change AD's attribute
> 'unicodePwd' via LDAP over SSL?
I have no idea!

I thought that there would be a simple passwd replacement (and it seems 
there is with kpasswd, bu I can not use it as explained in my previous 


> Ciao, Michael.

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