[Performance] Samba 3 vs. Samba 4 performance in NetBench

Kaplan, Marc marc_kaplan at adaptec.com
Thu Jun 9 23:25:47 GMT 2005


> I'd like to get to the bottom of the remaining difference. As I've 
> mentioned to you, my own tests using BENCH-NBENCH, which is supposed 
> to be a simulation of NetBench, show Samba4 doing better by about as 
> much as you results show Samba3 doing better! I'd be keen to see 
> BENCH-NBENCH results for your setup if you can do them. Unfortunately 
> I can't run a true NetBench run here as I don't have the necessary 
> hardware.
The BENCH-NBENCH 4 running over // results showed that
samba 3 came in at about 26MB/s and samba 4 came in at about 23MB/s. I
need to do some more work here... I'll provide updates when I have them.

>  The good news is that you see the difference even with a single 
> client. That should make it possible to analyse the difference by 
> comparing a sniff of the two situations (with oplocks off). If you 
> keep the runtime as short as you can while still having a clear 
> difference then the sniff should be small enough for you to put up 
> somewhere for download. That will allow us to see exactly which calls 
> are faster/slower, and whether there is any difference in what calls 
> are made, and what parameters are used for those calls.
Ok, I can get this if you want it. These will be very large files, so
maybe I'll put them somewhere for you on samba.org when I get them.
> btw, I think NetBench can produce output showing the latency of each 
> category of call. Do you have that info? It doesn't seem to be in the 
> spreadsheet you sent.
I thought you might ask for this but I didn't include the full results
because it would make the file rather large. I attached a new version
that has only the necessary pieces of this data (file is only 100K now
though). Please refer to the original spreadsheet for the graph and the
comparison table, as they are not included in this version.

Opens seem faster on average in Samba 4, but both reads and writes are a
good deal slower.

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