[Samba 4] smbtorture BENCH-NBENCH returns a (seemingly) false failure

Andrew Tridgell tridge at osdl.org
Thu Jun 9 01:30:11 GMT 2005


 > I'm found that when I run smbtorture --num-progs>1 (i.e. --num-progs 20)
 > smbtorture gets a false "TEST BENCH-NBENCH FAILED!" message. At least it
 > seems like this is a false failure, since the test completes
 > successfully. 

yes, I noticed that yesterday as well. For me it happens only when
talking to a Samba3 smbd and not a Samba4 smbd. Does it happen to you
for both?

It is a strange one, as it seems the child is existing cleanly, but
the parent is getting a -1/ECHILD from the waitpid() call, even though
the child has not been reaped in any other way. An strace shows the
fork() but no way that the child could have disappeared. Unfortunately
strace -f hangs (ptrace on linux is just so darn unreliable ...).

Jeremy, any ideas?

Cheers, Tridge

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