CUPS interaction (authentication with LIBCUPS)

Michael R Sweet mike at
Mon Jun 6 23:08:07 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> ...
> You missed simo's point.  Simo was talking about a sane

No, I didn't, read below...

> implementation path for the server-side of the authentication
> problem.  Even without IPP clients, the admin interface could benefit
> from this, due to existing browser support for NTLM and 'Negotiate'

I agree, however we can't just settle for a 1/2 (or more like 1/3)
solution, we need a complete solution that can be used on all OS's
and in all situations.

 > ...
> Finally, the use of an external process to handle authentication
> would also benefit CUPS, because errors in the pam libs (something I
> have hit more often than I would prefer) would not stall out the
> entire cups deamon. (I finally tracked down long-running cups issues
> to bugs in pam_krb5).

I have no problem with people proposing patches to cupsd that would
allow it to use squid (or any other authentication API - we support
lots!) to do authentication, however our goal is not to add another
partial authentication solution (of which we have lots) but to come
up with something cross-platform (i.e. Linux, UNIX, MacOS, AND
Windows) that works on the client and server and handles proxy

In short, I don't believe that squid or any other existing
authentication framework addresses the client, server, and
proxy authentication cases we need.

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