management of Samba4

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 6 12:42:16 GMT 2005

James Peach wrote:
> All these issues are the kind of stuff PCP deals with. In the PCP
> model, the agent exports raw counters with defined sematics. Semantics
> might be something like bytes per second for throughputs or seconds per
> seconds for % CPU time. The client libraries and apps do all the nasty
> grovelling like rate conversion, interpolation across the different
> sampling rates, etc. As you observe, the monitoring app is the right
> place for this sort of complexity. The monitoring app should also be the
> one bearing the cost of sampling the data.

  Excellent, I should look at PCP again (the last time I looked
at it SGI was a different company from Mips (:-))

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