Virus Detected

MIMEsweeper at MIMEsweeper at
Mon Jun 6 10:09:24 GMT 2005

A virus was detected in an email message sent

samba-technical at

steve.wherritt at

Mail Delivery (failure steve.wherritt at

The following scenario was used:

The following features were detected:
Scenarios/File Detector/AV: A matching file named 'message.scr' has been detected.
Scenarios/Microsoft Class 1 file extensions/AV: A matching file named 'message.scr' has been detected.
Scenarios/Norman Virus Control for MIMEsweeper (Content Scanner)/AV: Threat 'Netsky.P at mm' detected by 'Norman Virus Control for MIMEsweeper'.
Scenarios/Executables/BLOCK: The operation completed successfully.

The system was unable to remove the virus from the above email therefore the message has been deleted.

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