inspired by the web server in Samba 4

Gerald Carter jerry at
Fri Jun 3 14:46:27 GMT 2005

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Ever action has a reaction.  I was inspired by the work
on the web server in Samba 4 that I've proposed a project
for the google's SOC.

Rather than enmbedding the web server, i'm curious
what we could do with an  Samba/Apache/mod_python
open framework for managing Samba.  The experiment is
whether providing an embedded http[s] server with
its own server side scripting language will be embraced
more rapidly than a framework based on an popular
configuration such as apache/mod_python.

Why python?  Because more people on the team are
interested in python than perl and we have some
pyhton bindings to the Samba code already.

Yes I know this has been done a thousand times over.
I know about webmin, idealx's management console, etc...
But if I can find someone to work on it over the summer,
this will be a 1001.

cheers, jerry
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