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Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Thu Jun 2 16:28:38 GMT 2005

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Simo Sorce wrote:
> ssh -L1901:localhost:901 user at remotehost
> +
> firefox http://localhost:1901
> should do it...
> I do not see reachability as a good excuse.
> I'm not saying we shouldn't support text based access, but accessibility
> for impaired people sounds like a much more sensible reason.
> Simo.

I agree with Simo here.  Designing for accessibility and designing an
interface that could be all things to all people are totally different
goals.  :-)

Since I'm the one who will likely make a first pass at this, I'm making
a commitment to go for the best interface I can in a graphical browser,
with allowances made so that the pages are still usable in a text
browser.  I imagine the basic functionality is doable in a text-browser,
but I am not going to try for a SWAT that is both a great GUI and a
great console tool.  This is mainly due to limited time on my part.
Others can feel free to take up a console tool or make such improvements
to SWAT as they feel inclined.

A note about this...  I will probably move much slower than the rest of
those doing Samba4 development, so if others are interested in this,
feel free to jump in.  Also, I won't be hurt if my fellow Samba
developers feel I'm moving too slow, and need to cast about for someone
else to handle this.  This certainly looks like fun work, and I'm happy
to be involved, but as this component is critical for release, I thought
it fair to mention my probable pace.

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