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Wed Jun 1 15:39:03 GMT 2005

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Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> Michael,
>  > I would say my objection to client-side javascript is not in using
>  > it, but depending on it.  Write the interface to support enhanced
>  > functionality when the web browser has Javascript support, but don't
>  > depend on it for the interface to work.
> so far the stuff I've done works well with and without javascript, and
> it now works without cookies as well (it uses a cookies detection
> trick and a get variable to store the session id so session[] still
> works without cookies).


> I'll defer to Deryck on what the correct approach should be. I'm
> completely new to css and js, so the stuff I've done so far is really
> just meant for me to learn a bit about how this sort of thing
> works. Once Deryck starts hacking on the pages I expect he may rip
> apart what I've done and redo it :-)
> Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge, all,

Sorry for being a bit of a johnny-come-lately on this...

Regarding client-side Javascript, my approach has always been to make
use of it where appropriate.  I think js is quite useful when
manipulating the DOM and allowing for user-selected customizations.  For
example, using js and the DOM one can very easily switch between
stylesheets, strip styles for printing, etc.  Since the web server has
js embedded, some of these effects may also be achieved via server-side
scripting.  I'll need to look into ejs more to know what's possible,
which I hope to do this week.  Also, it's my standard practice to make
allowances for those not enabling client-side js in whatever I design.

As for text browsing, what do we gain by having SWAT2 work in lynx?
Don't get me wrong, I use lynx when testing to see how I'm doing on
accessibility and such, but isn't the point of SWAT2 that we have a
*graphical* user interface to samba?  If you want console tools,
ldbsearch, ldbadd, etc. would be much better than SWAT2 via lynx, right?
 Or am I missing something here?

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