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Good morning Mark,

I saw your post because I had a similar problem.
I 've tried to delete a files without success, when I tried, the Windows XP OS tells me the specified file could not be found, I would refresh and the file would still be visible to me ( Windows Explorer).

What has worked for me is:

Using Windows Explorer, I copy the path leading to the file I hope to destroy from the address bar, (does not exceed 255 characters Microsoft, KB Article 814594) then I opened a Windows XP dos shell (Using: start-run-CMD), I typed CD (change directory,) I did a right click with my mouse in the "DOS SHELL" window and from the contextual menu, I selected paste (I love that feature), I pressed enter.

I did a directory list usinf the (DIR) command, saw the file I wanted to delete, I typed DEL *.* ( it was the only file left in the unwanted directory) and my problem was gone.

Very strange, but resolved for me.
Luck with yours.

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