Samba 4 SOC Project Update

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Sun Jul 31 00:06:36 GMT 2005

Hi, I wanted to give an update on my progress with the project so far.

* To give us runtime control over in the NEIGHBOUR_COMPRESS_CHANGES and 
NEIGHBOUR_WRITEABLE flags in the test_DsGetNCChanges() function of the 
level 8 RPC-DRSUAPI torture test, I've added a NEIGHBOUR_WRITEABLE 
option and extended the COMPRESSION option that metze created for the 
level 5 test to the level 8 test as well.

* Patched and modified my branch to include the RPC-DSSYNC test, and 
changed dssync.c to use ldb routines instead of raw ldap calls in 

Now I'm trying to get a successful dcerpc_drsuapi_DsAddEntry() call in 
test_CompleteJoin(). It's currently failing DCERPC_FAULT_NDR, so i'm 
reading this as being a problem with some of the values getting passed 
into the drsuapi_DsAddEntry struct.

To resolve that, i'm going to  compare the struct drsuapi_DsAddEntry 
values I have with the ndrdump output of the captures at Successfully 
completing the DsAddEntry should give us a complete and successful dc join.

Does that all sound reasonable so far? Any advice, suggestions or comments?


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