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Wed Jul 27 15:56:15 GMT 2005

Hi Jerry,

On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 08:47:34AM -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> gd at wrote:
> | Fix amazing and long-standing bug where user-accounts
> | are just crippled accounts (accounts without AcctCtrl set)
> | after a vampire-process.
> |
> | New Accounts tend to hace no acb_info at all which means "0"
> | (ACB_NORMAL). Unless 0 becomes not 0 we don't do anything
> | and set *no* acctrl for normal users at all (!). Those
> | crippled users now don't show up in usrmgr since
> | 3.0.20somethings ldap-routines now finally test if
> | the attribute is there.
> Guenther,
> You added the change to start looking at the separating
> searches based on the ACB value for 3.0.11 I thought.
> Or are we talking about a different change to ldapsam
> now?

This is something completly different. What I've added a while ago was:
when enumerating users, derive ldap_filter from the requested acb-info.

But this one here is an important change to "net rpc vampire":
vampire 100 users and they all had *no* acb_info set in ldap (!). 

Now the new search-semantics for enumerations in LDAP (since the early
3.0.20betas) simply skip accounts that have no acb_info at all (for good

3.0.20 will trigger (even without my fix which just fixes a broken "net rpc
vampire" for future use) a couple of mails like "hey, since I
upgraded to 3.0.20 most of my users are no longer displayed in usrmgr".
Maybe we have to provide a magic selfrepair of vampired accounts.

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