issues with winbindd 3.0.20rc1-SVN-build-8787

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Jul 27 15:43:13 GMT 2005

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
| Volker,
| The current winbindd does not work against either Windows
| 2003 sp1 or Windows 2000 sp4 SR1.  The first issue in
| the schannel connections on the LSA pipe.  We can get
| around this by disabling schannel on that pipe for now.
| It's the same fix we put in 3.0.14a.

Just checked in this temporary fix.

| However, the samr_connect() call is returning access
| denied.  I thought we had only seen this in 'security
| = domain" but apparently that is not the case. I'm seeing
| the same thing running ads security.

After some more investigation here, I don't see the
failure in 3.0.14a but only because we don't send
the request.  So it's a code path change and not a
protocol change.

| Also I cannot find where winbind is using a kerberos
| ticket to connect to establish the initial IPC$
| connection.  Did this code get removed?

ok.  My fault here.  I just missed it in the logs.

cheers, jerry
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