revision 8758 - Build fails: Failed to open lib/ldb/modules/objectguid.c

tridge at tridge at
Wed Jul 27 03:52:39 GMT 2005


 > Building revision 8758 fails on my system.
 > $ make clean;autoreconf ; ./configure.developer --prefix/opt/samba4
 > ;make && make test

strange, 8758 should have been fine. See for example:;host=svamp;tree=samba4;compiler=gcc;revision=8758

It's worthwhile checking the build farm to see if other hosts have
trouble when building Samba4, but in this case it looks like the
revision was fine.

 > Failed to open lib/ldb/modules/objectguid.c at script/ line 57.
 > make: *** [include/proto.h] Error 2

Did you re-run configure and do a 'make clean' ?

Cheers, Tridge

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