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Tim Potter tpot at
Mon Jul 25 21:40:08 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 11:32 +0000, tridge at wrote:

> Log:
> - revert the %PRIi64 stuff. Tim, we explicitly check for %llu support
>   in configure, and replace snprintf if the system doesn't support
>   it. Our replacement code does not handle the "%PRIi64" stuff, so
>   using it would break us on lots of platforms

The problem that I was trying to fix here is that %llu is *not* the
correct format string for displaying a uint64_t.  The ia64 build machine
gives the warning:

uint64.c:9: warning: long long unsigned int format, uint64_t arg (arg 2)

when trying to compile:

uint64_t foo = 1234;
printf("%llu\n", foo);

the line:

printf("%lu\n", foo);

doesn't produce a warning.  i.e sizeof(long) == sizeof(long long).

Using the %PRIu64 stuff, ugly though it is, is the right way to squash
these warnings on all platforms.

I just checked some other build farm machines.  There are no warnings of
this type on Debian PPC/64 size but they are present on SLES9 x64_64.


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