Samba4: A tool to offer the GENSEC mechanism to external programs

Kai Blin k.blin at
Mon Jul 25 20:30:45 GMT 2005

* "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at> [25/07/05, 11:20:32]:
> Kai Blin wrote:
> | I'm working on implementing single-sign-on for the
> | wine project. I was planning on using Andrew Barlett's
> | GENSEC as implemented in samba4, and after talking
> | to him, he suggested in using a tool like ntlm_auth or
> | ssh-agent to take care of the actual negotiation with
> | the server, instead of having to spin out GENSEC as a
> | lib or having to duplicate code.
> As I mentioned on IRC I think it would be better to ship
> gensec as a shared library in Samba 4.  That prevents code
> duplication but also would have a richer interface than
> a CLI utility.  Of course, a *.so file would not preclude
> a command line tool.
I agree. I'm not fixed on having a command line tool. It was just what
Andrew suggested. Andrew, what do you think about a library like
libsmbclient? That would not break GENSEC off samba, but, as Jerry said,
give us a nice interface.

If people still would like to see a command line tool after that, I'd
gladly write one once summer of code is over and I have computer time to
spare. (Damn, google's plot of getting the participants sucked into the
open source scene seems to be working.)


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