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Simo Sorce idra at
Mon Jul 25 07:40:43 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 01:17 +0000, abartlet at wrote:
> Author: abartlet
> Date: 2005-07-25 01:17:09 +0000 (Mon, 25 Jul 2005)
> New Revision: 8740
> WebSVN:
> Log:
> Extend the rdn_name module to handle adding the rdn as an attribute.  ie:
> dn: cn=foo,ou=bar
> objectClass: person
> implies
> dn: cn=foo,ou=bar
> objectClass: person
> cn: foo
> (as well as a pile more default attributes)

I do not think this is correct Andrew unless that is exactl what w2k
does. Ldap requires you (the client) to provide a cn attribute that
matches the rdn, and the schema module will check it is true or reject
the commit. I do not think autogenerating beyond stricter MS
compatibility is good. Of course f this is made by AD then I'm fine as
we need it for compatibility (but I think it is done only on a tiny
subset of object (defined by an object class) if any.

> We also correct the case in the attirbute to match that in the DN
> (win2k3 behaviour) and I have a testsuite (in ejs) to prove it.

Is this really required ?

> This module also found a bug in our provision.ldif, so and reduces
> code complexity in the samdb module.

coherency checking should be handled by he schema module, no the rdn
module. It is ok to do it there for testing, but we will need to remove
it from the RDN so we should probably put that code inside an ifdef
block of some sort imho (something like: #ifdef COHERENCY_CHECK )


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