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Thu Jul 21 20:03:07 GMT 2005

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Chris Nicholls wrote:

> I had another thought about this as well, seeing as msdn 
> groups their functions into things like Management (for SAM)
> and Authentication (for LSA). I considered naming functions
> something like cac_auth_open_policy (for the above operation).
> But i'm going to stick with naming them after the pipe.
> I expect developers will know that they want to 'talk to' the
> LSA or the SAM or registry, etc. on the other end of the pipe.

I'd agree on this one.  The reasons for sticking with the current
pipe_fn_XX() names are that they are similar to what we use in
include/rpc_*h, match the Samba 4 idl, and will line up with
what you see in Ethereal.

Consistency is pretty important here I think.  Although
if you want to go with something like cac_LsaOpenPolicy(),
that would be find with me.  The lack of upper case and
_ characters can make the function name too long IMO.
Consider cac_OpenPrinterEx() vs. cac_open_printer_ex().
This gets more into coding style though. So choose wisely :-)

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