libmsrpc for Samba 3

tridge at tridge at
Wed Jul 20 23:55:49 GMT 2005


 > > And the unitialized fields will happen more than you think.
 > Wouldn't valgrind be the fix here ?

yes, the programmer has two choices to fix this:

1) zero the structures before use

2) don't zero, and use valgrind to catch use of uninitialised

The 2nd choice is the better one, but only works if you are on a
platform that has valgrind or an equivalent tool.

I don't see this as being a big distinguishing feature between
parameters and 'control block' anyway, as parameters just move the
control block down a level. A huge number of RPC calls pass a
structure as one or more of the arguments, so even if you use the
parameter approach you are left with the same problem, and the same
two solutions.

Cheers, Tridge

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