split_dfs_path and dfs deep links

Wayne Schroeder raz at positivenetworks.net
Mon Jul 18 16:24:28 GMT 2005

I have seen quite a few cases where a dfs link is formed as
\server\share\dir1\dir2 etc and am trying to add support for these 'deep
links'.  Currently if you follow one, due to the way things are
strrchr_m parsed, you get a server name with .. well, extra stuff that
isn't the server name.  It's obvious it is only expecting \server\share
in the link.

Is there any link to documentation about the various standard string
routines samba has?  I have been looking around in the various ucs2 and
multibyte string functions, as well as the various cli_pull variations
and am on the road to understanding how and when to call these.

I guess my main questions are:

Is there / will there be support for deep links (as in, should I try and
add this and send a patch back).

Where can I learn more about strings in samba and coding style (ex: what
strings are always ansi, if any)?

Is split_dfs_path's nodepath always ansi?


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