Samba4 Cross-Compile issue

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sun Jul 17 14:01:25 GMT 2005


Steven Edwards wrote:

>I spoke with Tridge about this lastnight and I am afriad I'm going to have to throw in the towel
>because autoconf and I just don't get along. The heimdal build requires certain headers and such
>to to autogenerated at build time and the current build system makes no distinction between HOST
>and TARGET so the tools end up being built for the target platform, killing the build. Tridge
>suggested adding some autoconf magic to detect the hostcc and detecting CC=$NATIVE_CC in the
>heimdal_build/ script. I was not able to make it work but like I said coding is
>just a hobby for me and autoconf and I never got along well to begin with. I still think this is
>going to cause a issue anyway because the configure checks for host vs target will differ.
>A option that I might be able to implement if no one else wants to fix it or objects, is to add a
>configure option like we have in wine --with-native-tools=/path/to/native/tools. This would mean
>you will need two copies of the Samba tree if you want to cross-compile. 
I think info like that would already be available in autoconf, I'd have 
to do a bit of searching in the docs but I'd be happy to look it up for 
you. We currently only distinguish between 'host' and 'build ' using 
autoconf, but we could also support 'target'. From the autoconf info page:

    the type of system on which the package is being configured and
    compiled (rarely needed); 
    the type of system on which the package will run; 
    the type of system for which any compiler tools in the package will
    produce code.

What exactly isn't working portably in heimdal at the moment?



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