looking for volunteers for the samba-test-team

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jul 15 19:06:23 GMT 2005

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Here's the idea.

Most of us (people with @samba.org addresses) develop on Linux.
However, the community uses a lot of different platforms.
What I'm looking for is to build a team of volunteers to
certify release candidate snapshots.

In order to keep things small and tight, I would like to locate
one person per platform.  Probably less that 1/2 dozen people.
You don't have to maintain packaging for that platform or even
fix bugs.  Although that would be nice.  We just need some type
of verification that the RC snapshots are being tested (compile,
install and test).

We are working on supporting 'make test' and getting Samba 3.0
back in the build farm.  But what I'm asking for here is
more beta testing on real networks (labs are ok as long as you
do real things like open files in Word, change acls, etc....)

Once we start issuing release candidates, your job is to report
back of any problems.  When we hit what we think if the final
release candidate, then there will be a period of one week during
which you can report problems and we don't ship until you say ok.
Ideally at least that how it will work.

The platforms I'm looking for right now are

* FreeBSD
* OpenBSD
* Solaris

I'd prefer not to have any developers volunteering for this.
I'd rather have people working in the field do this.  And I'm
open for any other platforms besides Linux.  I think we have
that one covered pretty well currently.

cheers, jerry
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