ejs name space

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Fri Jul 15 07:34:07 GMT 2005


 > I wasn't sure how well this sort of thing was supported in ejs.  Doing
 > this certainly makes things a bit more readable as well as slightly
 > easier to program.  I vote for the OO approach as well.

ok, I've converted ldb and all of the generated rpc code over to the
OO method. Our global namespace just shrunk from many hundreds to a
dozen or so :-)

 > Do tell!  I have just been poking around trying out a few things to see
 > if anything nice comes out of it.  So far, no luck.  (-:

two methods I have thought of:

 1) change smb_interfaces.h to be IDL. We would mark all structures as
    nopull,nopush as we don't need the NDR code. That gives us nice
    print routines, plus allows pidl to generate bindings for ejs.

 2) build a C header parser, that generates the ejs bindings.

The first option is certainly simpler, and given the very close
mapping between IDL structures and C strcutures I think we can do this
without changing the calling convention at all, so we don't need to
rewrite smbtorture. It would just mean that smb_interfaces.h becomes a
generated header file.

Cheers, Tridge

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