Kernel mutexes, SegFaults, tdb?

Mohanasundaram, Deepa R (GE Healthcare) Deepa.Mohanasundaram at
Wed Jul 13 22:28:17 GMT 2005

This was posted a while back... 

We are running into a similar issue where the lock stat output has the same locks listed as your article.  We use samba version 2.2.8a. Our Server is a Sun 480 Server running Solaris 8.

We had sent these outputs to SUN and they suspected that we are either running into another new bug in the OS that has to do with claiming the same lock in ufs or we don't have the complete fix.   They wanted us to apply the lateset ufs patch. 116950-06.

Was there a resolution on your case.  Await your response.


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