Encrypted files in libsmbclient

Satwik Hebbar satwikh at calsoftinc.com
Wed Jul 13 05:00:19 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

I am working on a small project where I use the smbclient functionality  
which samba provides to connect to a Windows machine and do stuff with the  
files that are exported via shares. I know that with Win 2000 and later  
versions, NTFS supports encryption of files using EFS. But, all my  
research with Samba tells me that I cannot create an encrypted file on a  
share that supports it using the smbclient. I checked out the Backup Exec  
tool in windows, which I believe must be using the CIFS protocol too, and  
it actually manages to backup and restore Encrypted files correctly. So, I  
would think it should be possible using smb packets. Would anyone know  
whether samba supports this in some way, or envisages to support it in the  
future? I would think this would require specific APIs which read and  
write encrypted data. Currently, the EFS denies access if a user who hasnt  
encrypted the file tries to open it, and if the user who encrypted opens  
and reads the data he gets decrypted data.

(I know that the Backup Exec could be expected to have a lot more insight  
into the workings of EFS, and they may even have agents running on the  
source and target servers to impersonate users who can encrypt/decrypt  


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