SOC Project Initiation

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Tue Jul 12 02:43:33 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 17:44 -0600, Brad Henry wrote:
>>Hello, I've been selected to work on the DsSync protocol and testing 
>>suite for Samba 4.
>>I've been looking over some Samba 4 code as well as some Microsoft 
>>references Metze provided me with, and I was hoping to get the project 
>>scope defined somewhat so that I can start focusing research efforts and 
>>get some initial ideas in place.  So, any ideas about what areas of this 
>>project should be included this summer?
>I'm not sure how much metze has been helping with you with getting
>things started, but I just wanted to see how things were going:
>Have you got your win2k3 servers setup?
>How are things going with understanding the existing tests?
>Andrew Bartlett
Well, i've been spending what seems like too much time getting my 
environment figured out, and I think i've settled on jstar, gdb and 
source navigator for the most part :)
I have my win2k3 pdc set up and a couple of vmware snapshots of it in 
2000 and 2003 native domain modes. Samba4 is up and running, and i've 
been trying different things with it, stepping through net bdc domain 
joins and smbtorture with gdb and ethereal.

I've been trying to get comfortable with the samba 4 code, and to be 
honest, smbtorture is...a little hard to read :)
I guess the toughest part is just getting familiar enough with the tools 
so that the source is less intimidating.

So I would have to say things are going slower than I expected them to, 
but i'm also learning alot.


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