Future and plans for libnet? Why 'all the way with ejs'?

Henrik Nordstrom hno at squid-cache.org
Sat Jul 9 11:28:08 GMT 2005

On Sat, 9 Jul 2005 tridge at samba.org wrote:

> Alan,
> >   This is a problem with many, many open source projects.  There's a
> > desperate need for a tiny, embedded, extensible, interpreted scripting
> > language.
> I think js is a perfect fit for Samba. To see what can be done with it
> when coupled with the auto-generated library code from pidl have a
> look at this:
>  http://samba.org/ftp/unpacked/samba4/swat/scripting/samr.js


But in terms of OO and ability to extend/modify the object structures it 
can become better. Compared to what the equivalent perl construct would 
look like:

For example:

   return information about a user
function samrQueryUserInfo(conn, user_handle, level)
 	var r, io = irpcObj();
 	io.input.user_handle = user_handle;
 	io.input.level = level;
 	status = dcerpc_samr_QueryUserInfo(conn, io);
 	return io.output.info.info3;

Would in Perl look like

   return information about a user
sub samrQueryUserInfo($$$)
         my (conn, user_handle, level) = @_;
         my io = $irpcObj->new(user_handle => $user_handle, level => $level);
         status = dcerpc_samr_QueryUserInfo($conn, $io);
         return $io->output->info->info3;

The last thee lines can also be improved significantly, but since I don't 
know the object relationship too well I don't dare to make a suggestion.


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