libmsrpc for Samba 3

Chris Nicholls cnicholl at
Thu Jul 7 16:05:59 GMT 2005

> We may need to split these headers up some more.
> passdb.h, nt_printing.h, and secrets.h should be
> more server stuff and not really something we want
> to include for client apps.  This is a good start
> though.  It's actually shorter than I expected.
> Redefining a few necessary macros is probably acceptable
> if it is at least manageable.

I looked into this last night, after commenting out nt_printing.h, 3 
strctures needed to be defined:
NT_PRINTER_DRIVER_INFO_LEVEL_6. In order to get these redefined a lot of 
other definitions from nt_printing.h need to be used, so I think it is 
probably unmanageable to remove nt_printing.h.

from passdb.h, the following structures needed redefining:
struct acct_info
struct samr_displayinfo

I have a feeling that these should only be defined in passdb.h, but I 
could be wrong.

And in secrets.h the only thing that needed to be redefined was TRUSTDOM.


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