libmsrpc for Samba 3

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Jul 7 14:15:04 GMT 2005

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Chris Nicholls wrote:

> I'll add the the rpc_includes.h and rpc_proto.h, along 
> with the quick and dirty makefile to the source/libmsrpc/
> directory for the moment and get that commited to svn tonight
> once I widdle down the headers a bit.

The svn issues should be clread up for you.  I'm checking
with metze on whether this was the proper solution since
it will affect other developers in the soc group as well.

> As for the interface I'll have to put a bit more thought 
> into it. I think the current interface is ok for the moment
> but I figure once I get a little deeper into it i'll
> have some good ideas.

I'd suggest look at the Win32 API here (never thought I
would say that).  The registry API is given here:

I'm not saying this is perfect by any means (it's down right
horrible in some places), but we should know the related work
before writing a new one.

Als given, our client library, I don't have a problem forcing
the the claling application to initialize the an MsRpcServerHandle
that would be passed into each function.  The MsRpcServerHandle*
would represent the client state and map to an unlying
libsmbclient context possibly.  We could then multiplex the
various pipe opens over a single MsRpcServerHandle*.

Just an idea.

cheers, jerry
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