Windows Printer spooler problem? samba 3.0.10

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Jul 6 13:50:06 GMT 2005

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nishihara wrote:
| Hello,
| I have the one problem on the printing function.
| Sometimes I print out the job, then donot erase the
| printer job information from the spooler automatically.

What "state" is the job being listed as in the
Windows print queue monitor ?

| The job information has been deleted from the tdb of
| /locks/printing/*.tdb, while the print job data is
| received. Normally, deleting packet(RRPCN request) send
| from the samba server to  client in 1 or 2 minute after
| print out.  I don't know why the samba server delete
| the record before the printer job dose not printed out.

The internal code removes a print job from the tdb
if the job has been marked as already having been handed
off to the print system (in the OS) and does not appear
in the lpq output.

| /*
|  * Invalidate the queue for 3 reasons.
|  */
| Isn't there problem in this requirement? Can I escape
| this problem by change the lpq cache time?

What problem ?


cheers, jerry
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