Heimdal Futures

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Jul 5 23:01:36 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 23:31 +1000, Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> Andrew,
>  >  - SVN link (reverence, or whatever) the current repository from
>  > lorikeet into samba4
> I've never setup a svn link, so I'm not sure how it works and what the
> disadvantages might be. If it means a standard checkout gets all of
> heimdal I would not like this option.
>  >  - SVN import the entire lorikeet/heimdal repository into samba4
> I really don't want to do this, as explaied below
>  >  - SVN import only the files we currently compile into samba4
> This is my preference.
> The main reason is the huge disparity between the code we need from
> heimdal and the total size of the whole of heimdal. Here are the
> approximate numbers:
>  - all of heimdal:           1600 files 
>  - bits of heimdal we need:  270 files
>  - current samba4 source:    800 files
> so we would be tripling our code size to add kerberos. Two thirds of
> the resulting source tree would not be used in Samba.

We both come to this problem from very different perspectives.

The perspective I come from is that of maintaining the Heimdal libs,

Now, some may say this is because of a bad design decision, but the
alternatives were indeed far, far worse.  Even so, my first priority has
to be to reduce the amount of effort this part of my large job takes,
and this is why I want, as an end result, to have a 'place heimdal 0.8
release tarball here' solution.

Perhaps we need to agree first on what an end result would look like,
before we look at how to get there.  From your comments above, I assume
you would find that completely unacceptable, while I see it as ideal.  I
see it as ideal because it is my exit strategy from maintaining a fork
of Heimdal kerberos forever.

I also see it as allowing distributors to eventually take the risk and
say 'we will build Heimdal outside samba', knowing we work with an
unmodified version, therefore removing that monkey from my back.  (The
risk is that such a distributor may need to update Heimdal and Samba at
the same time, for a new samba release).

Finally, given the inevitability of a few extra patches, I want to be
able to run the 'make check' from my not quite intact Heimdal, and know
I've not blown anything up.

etags and grep command lines can be modified, and maybe some magic
script can solve my merge and testing headaches, but I also need my exit

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