Windows Printer spooler problem? samba 3.0.10

nishihara nishihara at
Tue Jul 5 15:26:05 GMT 2005


I have the one problem on the printing function.

Sometimes I print out the job, then donot erase the printer job
information from the spooler automatically.

I noticed the cause.

The job information has been deleted from the tdb of
/locks/printing/*.tdb, while the print job data is received.
Normally, deleting packet(RRPCN request) send from the samba server to 
client in 1 or 2 minute after print out. 
I don't know why the samba server delete the record before the printer
job dose not printed out.

It is occurred for the lpq cash time-out in the "print_cache_expired"

 * Invalidate the queue for 3 reasons.
 * (1). last queue scan time == -1.
 * (2). Current time - last queue scan time > allowed cache time.
 * (3). last queue scan time > current time + MAX_CACHE_VALID_TIME (1 hour by default).
 * This last test picks up machines for which the clock has been moved
 * forward, an lpq scan done and then the clock moved back. Otherwise
 * that last lpq scan would stay around for a loooong loooong time... :-).JRA.
Isn't there problem in this requirement? Can I escape this problem
by change the lpq cache time?

I'm sorry, I lost the smb log file. But I have the ethreal packet.
If you need more information, I can send the log file and the packet.

Version samba server 3.0.10
Printer Canon LBP-1420
Windows Client Windows XP Professional SP2

Thank you.
Kenta Nishihara
silex technology america, Inc.
E-mail: nishihara at
[Phone] 801-748-1199  [Fax] 801-748-0730

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