DOS error codes

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Jul 4 00:31:37 GMT 2005


 > Are you sure using the reserved bits is safe ? What is the purpose
 > of them - any possibility Microsoft may change something and start
 > using them ? (Although with a 32-bit space there's probably always
 > going to be places we can hide stuff :-).

I don't think its a problem. The range I'm using means:

 - error
 - customer reserved
 - reserved bit enabled
 - facility 256

Microsoft has only used up to Facility 15 so far as far as I am
aware. Even if they used up to 256, then they would have to also
enable "customer reserved" and "reserved" bits, which would be very

and even if this happened, the consequence would be that our client
(not our server!) would report a dos error string where it should just
print a 32 bit error code. There would be no logic consequences at all
in the client and no consequences at all for our server.

So its something that won't happen, and even if it did happen, it
would not be a problem :-)

 > Is there a way to run the Samba4 torture tester in DOS error
 > code mode ? That way we could be sure of returning the correct
 > mapping for NTSTATUS error codes.

currently there isn't. I'll fix that up.

Cheers, Tridge

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