socket wrapper in samba3

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun Jul 3 23:27:46 GMT 2005


 > Attached find a little patch that adds the sharedelay parameter to samba3,
 > along with a trivial script to run some tests on smbd.

great! It shouldn't be a big step from here to adding 'make test'
support in Samba3, at least using the Samba3 smbtorture and other
client tools.

The next problem will be supporting the Samba3 torture tester for
Samba3 in the build farm. How will we script that? We don't really
want every Samba3 build to build Samba4 as well, and we can't assume
the build farm hosts will have Samba4 installed.

Maybe something like this in the Samba4

if [ "$RUN_FROM_BUILD_FARM" = "yes" ]; then
	mkdir -p ../samba4.bin
	rsync -a bin/smbtorture ../samba4.bin/

that will copy the Samba4 smbtorture to a place where it won't be
deleted on make clean, doing it in a way that won't give 'text busy'
errors if Samba3 is using it at the time (rsync uses a tmp file +
rename for copy).

then the Samba3 test script would put "../samba4.bin" in $PATH. It
would also have to do something like:

  if [ ! -x ../samba4.bin/smbtorture ]; then
	echo "Samba4 smbtorture not available"
	exit 1

Cheers, Tridge

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