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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun Jul 3 10:56:05 GMT 2005

 > Attempt to fix the socket wrapper stuff for Samba 3.

thanks volker.

It looks like the main problem will be the use of structure member
names that match socket calls. For example, the Samba3 VFS uses
members called 'connect' and 'close' that will hit problems with the
macros in socket_wrapper.c that replace those calls with wrapped

So to fix this you'd need to change the VFS to use alternatives names
for those elements. Perhaps 'vfs_connect' instead of 'connect'.

This is probably worth doing anyway, as some platforms define common C
library functions as macros, so using standard names as structure
elements is generally a bad idea, even if it works on most
platforms. It's especially bad when the elements are function
pointers, as you can't rely on the cpp behaviour of only activating
macros that have () braces.

Cheers, Tridge

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