testing samba3 with samba4

Andrew Tridgell tridge at osdl.org
Sun Jul 3 08:13:01 GMT 2005


btw, the next big thing I'd like to see done with the testing
framework based on socket wrapper is multi-server testing. At the
moment in Samba4 we setup a smbd as a PDC, and run a battery of tests
against it. 

Due to the socket wrapper framework, the tests are much more extensive
than we could ever do with the old test system (for example, we can
test WINS, NBT, LDAP etc), but we don't yet do any server<->server
testing. For example, we don't test smbd registering with another WINS
server, or being a member of a domain.

So what I'd like to see is the test start 2 smbd daemons, using
different base directories. For example, we start one as a PDC for
'TESTDOM' and have the other join that domain as a domain member. Then
we test the domain member auth code by running tests against the 2nd

This will also allow us to test the trust code, the BDC replication
code, the WINS replication code, the browse master code etc.

I hope you can see that the socket wrapper method gives us a lot more
flexibility. It allows us to setup an isolated mini test network
inside 'make test', all while running as a unprivileged user and not
exposing ourselves to any network attacks on the build farm machines.

When possible, on some specific build farm machines that we control,
I'd also like to see us run automated tests against windows servers
running under vmware or qemu. That will be fiddly to setup, but very

Cheers, Tridge

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