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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Jan 31 23:53:56 GMT 2005


 > Point is, I have seen NetBIOS names with nul bytes in them and had to
 > modify my own tools to handle them.

really? Can you give me an example of a an application that uses name
with a nul in the middle?  (obviously the '*' name doesn't count).

I just don't see how this would work with nbt
implementation. Eventually those NBT names come from a config file,
and that config file will be in a human readable form. Unless you know
of real applications that directly deal with the encoded name in their
config I just don't see how this happens.

If it does happen then I might change the nbt code to deal with it,
but I'd like an example so I know I'm not just wasting time on a

Cheers, Tridge

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