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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Jan 31 06:11:30 GMT 2005


 > From my testing, Windows systems do not decode the half-ascii NBT names 
 > received from the wire.  They compare encoded string against encoded 
 > string.  That's probably quicker than what Samba1..3 do.

yes, that is how windows does things. The cpu cost is totally trivial
(its almost certainly in the noise), the question really is which is
better from a user perspective and which makes for clearer code.

I used decoded strings in the nbt library as I thought that made for
clearer code. Volker queried me on this, and thought that binary
netbios names (such as names containing embedded NULLs) might be
common. I thought it wasn't common, and can't recall any complains
about Samba3 not supporting them, so I thought that the clearer code
was a good enough reason to use decoded names.

If someone knows of applications that really won't work with a WINS
server that doesn't support binary NBT names then please let me
know. I could easily change Samba4 now to use and compare encoded
names, at a loss of some readability and maintainability in the code.

Cheers, Tridge

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