Version 4 LDAP particulars?

pkoelle pkoelle at
Sun Jan 30 11:37:17 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I see no reason why Samba would be unable to store arbitrary user data.
Sounds good ;) and sorry about beeing so picky but will this be release 

>>Both proposed solutions, a LDAP server as backend for ldb or ldb as 
>>backend for a LDAP server are problematic or at least a lot of work and 
>>do not seem to be considered as a necessary part of samba4. 
> I'm a little unsure what you mean here.  

your words:
[begin] However, getting a remote LDAP server to support what we do
will be a challenge.[end]
[begin] - we tried to have OpenLDAP read ldb as a
backend, but the code integration task simply proved too difficult.[end]

Let me explain the situation to illustrate my concerns. We are quite 
settled on LDAP here using it with SASL CRAM-MD5 and NTLM, simple binds 
over SSL, password updates over PasswordModify Exop... and of course 
samba. I assumed that samba4 will not support all this out of the box 
and I will then have to maintain two data sources and keep them 


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